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What is soft washing?

So, What Is Soft Washing?

Though soft washing and pressure washing may appear similar at first glance, they employ distinct techniques. Pressure washing relies on high-pressure water to aggressively remove surface debris, while soft washing relies on a light chemical solution's strength to loosen contaminants. After allowing the chemicals to penetrate, soft washing concludes with a gentle rinse using low pressure.

Before and after photo displaying the effectiveness of soft washing vinyl siding with algae growth.
Soft Wash on Vinyl Siding, Showing Effective Removal of Algae Growth

Why Should I Soft Wash My Home?

Soft washing presents numerous advantages across various applications. Not only is it highly effective in cleansing exterior surfaces, but it also boasts a notably safer approach, particularly for delicate materials.

  • Vinyl Siding                                 

  • Windows

  • Shingles

  • Stucco siding

  • Window Screens

  • Painted surfaces

Soft washing offers additional long-term advantages. By targeting the root cause of surface contamination—such as the bacteria responsible for causing your home to turn green—this method tends to yield cleaner surfaces for an extended period.

Why we Soft Wash

At Club Clean, we leverage the soft washing method for several compelling reasons, as outlined above. Our experience underscores the convenience, effectiveness, and safety of cleaning difficult-to-reach surfaces effortlessly from ground level.

With soft wash techniques, the need for ladders and scaffolding becomes obsolete. With the appropriate equipment, you can efficiently clean areas ranging from 2 to 3 stories tall—all from the safety and convenience of ground level.

The results are long lasting, saving you time and money and making the experience better for everyone involved. 

Soft Wash - House Wash - Pressure Wash near Lebanon, Ohio. Club Clean offers services to Lebanon, Mason, Landen, Loveland, Morrow, Maineville and other surrounding Cincinnati areas.
Before & After Club Clean House Wash

When Should I Have My Home Washed?

Home and property owners generally begin to see the “Green Sides” around Spring and Summer when everything else is blooming. 

This is the ideal time to complete your house washing project. Spring and Summer temperatures allow the soft washing process to be completed quickly and effectively. 

If you need this service or are interested in learning more, the team at Club Clean is happy to help. We have the equipment and know-how to take care of your property, and make your home or property shine. 

Give us a call at (513) 600-9017 or send us a message on our website to get a Free Quote. 

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