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Club Clean power washing


At Club Clean, we understand the critical significance of creating a positive impression on those you serve. A clean and well-maintained exterior gives you confidence in your building and ensures that your customers or clients have confidence when choosing you.

Our goal is simple: to ensure that when customers arrive, they are greeted by an exterior that reflects the high standards upheld within your business. Whether your property needs a complete exterior refresh or requires one of our specific services; our team is ready to tackle the job and renew the exteriors of your commercial space. 

Let us help you maintain your commercial spaces


Maintaining a clean, inviting exterior for your Multi-Unit Property is essential for Property Managers across the Greater Cincinnati Area. A well-kept exterior not only enhances the property's appeal but also aids in attracting and retaining residents.

Our Soft Wash and Power Washing methods are tailored specifically for Multi-Unit Property exteriors, which often resemble residential surfaces. This approach ensures a thorough yet gentle cleaning process, suitable for all types of siding and building materials.

Let us help you maintain your multi-unit property

Shopping Centers

Retail Stores & Shops

Restaurants & Cafes

Office Buildings

Professional Buildings

Gas & Service Stations

Convenience Stores

Churches, Schools & More

Power Washing & Soft Washing

Pressure washing services are a vital part of keeping a property healthy and looking well-maintained. Allowing a professional team to handle your pressure washing needs takes the headache of properly maintaining your property away and allows you to focus on running your business.

Exterior Window Detailing

Landscaping is a task bestowed upon every homeowner. To maintain and upkeep your most valuable asset. This task can be very labor intensive and time consuming, Don't sweat it, let Club Clean take care of it for you ! We specialize in small mulching jobs, bush trimming, and weed pulling. 

Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Most businesses and large residential communities have dumpster pads. Over time they can accumulate loose trash and grime and begin to release a harsh smell. At Club Clean, we transform these areas back to their original beauty, so even your designated trash areas can be clean. 

Receiving Dock Cleaning

A clean loading dock and receiving area is essential to the safety and efficiency of your business. Minimize slips, trips, and falls from grime buildup on the exterior surfaces of the docks. Businesses with clean loading docks also give off a more professional appearance to potential partners. Contact Club Clean to brighten up these areas for you !

Club Clean power washing
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